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SFPL Solar Power CDM Project

SFPL Solar Power CDM ProjectSustainable Goals - EnvironmentSustainable Goals - SocialSustainable Goals - Economic

Sustainable Development Co-Benefits

Job creation
Energy transfer
Technology transfer

Project description

The purpose of the project is to generate electricity using solar radiation energy to produce eco-friendly power; achieve sustainable development of the industry by reducing CO2 emission and other GHG emissions otherwise likely to be generated due to coal burning to generate power by the Grid based power plants.

The project (2.0 MW solar power plant) generates electricity through photovoltaic cells. The generated electricity sold to regional grid. (Indian grid) Singhal Forestry Private Ltd (SFPL) generate electricity and supply to grid which meets the demand of its consumers. India has a deficit in power in terms of energy and peak hours availability, and grid is mainly dependable on fossil fuel based power plants for its requirement.

Economic well-being:

  • The project required an investment of 385.9 million Rupees leading to growth of capital for the equipment manufacturer adding employment opportunities.

Social well-being:

  • The project creates direct and indirect ways of employment, which leads to the overall development of society in the way of economy, health, education etc.
  • The project has provided direct employment to many temporary workers during project execution.

Environmental well-being:

  • The project is based on generation of power from solar energy thus is clean, silent and timeless. Power generation from solar energy through Photovoltaic cells do not release CO2, SO2, NO2 and which are normally associated with burning of fossil fuels.

Technological well-being:

  • The project uses the latest technology in the equipment design construction and specifications. The Photo voltaic is proven technology. Solar power shall augment the needs of peak hours.

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