Become a net zero business in minutes.

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Become a net zero business in minutes.

Net zero with Consequence is easy.

Consequence provides a step-by-step process that makes achieving net zero simple, fast and affordable.
Step 1. Connect.

Connect your business transactions and get an initial carbon footprint calculation.

Step 2. Verify.

Our analysts work with your data to ensure a verified result.

Step 3. Track.

Get real-time calculation results, and track activities, reductions and offsets.

Step 4. Reduce.

Identify ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Step 5. Offset.

With a verified carbon footprint, start offsetting to achieve your net zero goals.

Step 1

Initial carbon footprint.

Accelerate your carbon footprint calculation with Consequence. Connect your accounting software package (like Xero) or bank accounts and our system runs an automated carbon footprint analysis of every activity small and large, which are represented by financial transactions. See our data security overview here.
There are two initial methods which we combine to calculate your carbon footprint:
Activity supplier analysis.
Consequence researches the environmental data on your suppliers and combines it with your spend to calculate the activity’s impact. This includes the impact of the product or service and the impact of the supplier’s overall organisation.

This approach accounts for the impact of your activity, such as purchasing a laptop, and the impact of your decision to purchase from the selected supplier rather than another. I.e. purchasing from truly net zero suppliers benefits you.
Activity supplier-type analysis.
Where our team finds a supplier has incomplete or poor environmental data records, we leverage our wider database of similar companies, and calculate the carbon impact of the activity based on this average data.

If the supplier updates their environmental data, this is automatically taken into account thereafter.

Consequence’s database holds more than 100 supplier types across sectors like Cloud Services and travel and thousands of companies.
Verified carbon footprint.
Step 2

Verified carbon footprint.

Consequence’s team of data analysts follow up on impactful activities and areas of uncertainty to finalise the calculation. You’ll be sent a short list of questions, based on your business’ data. No more irrelevant questions that don’t apply to your situation.

The last method of calculation is driven by our team of experts.
Your business activity data.
In cases where the available transaction data is insufficient, or there is uncertainty, our team will request specific documentation from you.

You simply provide the raw documents like an energy bill and we take care of the rest, calculating the carbon emissions using Emissions Factors provided by national governments.

For our standard carbon footprint analysis, this work is done at no extra cost to you.
Step 3

Real-time tracking to power decision-making.

Avoid logging travel itineraries and other activity data in spreadsheets and seeing out-of-date data that comes with annual calculations. With Consequence, see the carbon impact of your business in real-time as it automatically captures changes as your business and team grows, you open new offices or expand into new territories.

See emissions across suppliers and by activity type. Scope 1, 2 and 3 and temperature ratings are provided to classify and benchmark your performance.
Real-time tracking to power decision-making.
Emission reductions.
Step 4

Emission reductions.

Tailored recommendations help you identify ways to reduce your carbon footprint, focusing on short and long-term changes so you can drive quick wins and reduce the most carbon intensive activities.

Your dashboard identifies activity changes that can drive deep carbon reductions and suggests suppliers and business areas for you to review.

Helpful prioritisation tools allow you to focus on what matters now.
Future-proof your business

Get started with Consequence.

Help your business make better decisions and automate your carbon offsetting with real-time calculation results.
Verify your carbon footprint.
Verify your carbon footprint.

Avoid self-reporting with a verified carbon footprint & offsets.

No expensive or slow consultants.
No expensive or slow consultants.

Save time and enhance security through automated & real-time data sharing and reporting.

Quickly build an achievable net zero commitment.
Get a better picture of your supply-chain.

Supply chain insights help you identify high-emission suppliers.

Easier, faster and more affordable.
Easier, faster, and more affordable.

A fast, step-by-step process that requires no prior knowledge.


Stop being part of the climate problem and start now.

Start with an estimate
Find out your carbon footprint, no credit card required.

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