Let’s build a carbon neutral economy together.

You provide services and technology that help run organisations: from enabling teams and managing finances to facilitating journeys to sustainability. We’ve designed a platform to help accelerate your impact.
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Who partners with us.

Fastest way to accurately measure your customers’ carbon emissions and provide offset project options aligning with their company values.
Sustainability service providers
Sustainability service providers

Make it easier and more efficient for your customers to reach their climate goals.


Professionals and experts in the field who are looking to integrate Consequence into their process.

Technology platforms
Technology platforms

SME/Enterprise tools used across accounting, HR, EHR and ESG.

Why partner with Consequence.

Reach more customers faster, and in new ways.
Partner with Consequence to reach more customers faster, and in new ways.
  • Accelerate calculations & real-time analytics.

    Consequence’s technology can be embedded to provide ongoing real-time analysis. Understand your organisation’s impact in minutes so you can make data-driven decisions. 

  • Impactful offset with UN certificates.

    Consequence offsets impacts across proven organisations on a billing cycle that fits your business model. We provides UN Certified Carbon Credits for proof automatically to your client, or can work with your own project programme.

  • Employee satisfaction.

    Consequence partners can facilitate new employee experiences for their customers by offsetting employee-based emissions.

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How this works.

Limited effort, maximum opportunity.
Step 1. Say hey
Say hey

Apply to our partners program and together we'll kick off the process of providing a solution that's perfect for you and your clients.

Step 2. Get verified
Get verified

We want to know how we can help each other in the best way possible, and to do that we need to know more about you and your clients.

Step 3. Start integration

We'll work closely with your team to get you setup and providing value to your clients quickly.

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