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Automate your carbon footprint data collection, calculation, and reporting workflows.
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The problem with the current carbon accounting system.

Knowing what data to use, where to find it, and how to calculate a compliant carbon footprint is time consuming and expensive.

The risk of non-compliance is critical as scrutiny increases from regulators and your key stakeholders.

Act now.

The world’s most intelligent carbon accounting platform for Net-Zero.

Organisations that are shifting to Net-Zero with Consequence.

“Consequence allowed us to systematically collect and categorise data across our physical locations and coffee supply chain and calculate our carbon footprint quickly and accurately.“

Ash Blythen

“Calculating the carbon footprint of our group had been cumbersome and expensive before Consequence. Now we calculate and track the data in one platform which has freed us up to engage with suppliers & reduce emissions. I am glad we are now able to have quantitive data to build a liveable 22nd century.“

Dominik Kugelman

“Seamless. Intuitive. Get started in less than 10 minutes! I have confidence in stating carbon neutral. I wish when I was at the United Nations PRI, such an easy to use tool had been available to better track investment performance on these key metrics.“

Myra Khanna
Founder & CEO

Comply and secure more customers, investors, and talent.

Monitor your carbon footprint and identify ways to reduce absolute emissions.
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Comply and secure more customers, investors, and talent.

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