Introducing the carbon explorer

Carbon footprint anything, instantly.

Get standards-compliant calculations for millions of activities in seconds, using AI.
Showing carbon footprint real-time based on user input.
Helping measure carbon footprints and mitigate impact with the world's best organisations

The fastest way to start carbon footprinting your organisation.

Consequence takes away all the friction so you can instantly calculate the emissions of your activities, products, and suppliers.

Get better results in a fraction of the time.

Reduce your data collection and preparation burden using our exhaustive database of emissions factors automatically mapped to your source data.
Data collection

Use the data you have. Don’t be blocked by the data you can’t get.

Emission factors
Emission factors

Automatic matching of emissions factors to your data with accuracy ratings.

Double counting
Double counting

Smart matching highlights duplicate data to avoid double counting.

Enhance your carbon profiling workflow with Consequence

Carbon footprint calculations that are 10X
Faster. More accurate. More comprehensive. More affordable.

“Consequence allowed us to systematically collect and categorise data across our physical locations and coffee supply chain and calculate our carbon footprint quickly and accurately.”
Ash Blythen, Co-Founder
Common Coffee

How the Carbon Explorer works.

Carbon Explorer AI powers our carbon management system and facilitates extensive, detailed carbon footprint calculations on all your data from energy and travel to purchased goods and services. Use it to accelerate your workflows across planning, data collection and calculation.
Plan with the Explorer
Plan with the Explorer.

Work out what data you should plug in to get a carbon footprint. The explorer turns your input into a set of useful answers that tell you whether or not a calculation can be completed or you need further data.

Connect your activity data.

Connect your data without tedious formatting. Import a .csv file or just type the details. The more relevant the data the better naturally - this is intelligent but it isn’t magic. Use the Explorer to help or experiment.

Connect your activity data.
Get the best results.
Get the best results.

Consequence reads your inputs and leverages AI to identify what each word, number or unit of measurement is and understand what it means. These are used together to understand what your activity is.

The activity is mapped to the correct emissions factor and calculation method, from our global database and a carbon footprint calculation completed!

In seconds, see the carbon footprint of any activity whether it’s for a product or service.

Supported by a full carbon management system.

A platform that scales with you, built for collaboration & transparency for effective carbon management.
Full corporate and product carbon footprints

Powered by the Carbon Explorer, calculate the carbon footprint across your scope 1, 2 and 3 activities.

Full corporate and product carbon footprints
Track your carbon footprint in real-time

Combine all historical and current data to track across months, quarters and years.

Manage your carbon footprint in real-time
Set science-based targets

Set near and long-term Net-Zero targets to superdrive your reduction efforts.

Set science-based targets for your organisation
Offset to become carbon neutral

Utilise our portfolio of high quality offset projects from the world’s best project developers.

Automatically offset your carbon footprint
Report to TCFD, CDP, SECR and more

All the data points you need to report to the major global reporting frameworks.

Create carbon data reports ready to be submitted

Stop working in a silo.

Organise data to reflect your business structure, manage centrally and give ownership of reduction, targets, data collection to the people across your business.
Single source of truth
Single source of truth

Combine all carbon footprint data in one place, eliminating fragile spreadsheets.

Run with hundreds of users
Run with hundreds of users

Collaborate with and engage all internal and external stakeholders.

Detailed access control and permissions
Detailed access control and permissions

Protect your data and simplify workflows by giving your team access to the data relevant to them.

Audit ready - designed by accountants
Audit ready - designed by accountants

Fully transparent audit trail of changes and calculations completed for your assurance needs.

Transparent database of emissions factors
Transparent database of emissions factors

Our database includes the major sources of emissions factors like US EPA, UK Defra and many more.

API integrations for data input and final reporting
API integrations for data input and final reporting

Connect to your accounting, ERP and CRM systems & complete standardised report-ready outputs.