The business case for net zero.

Build a stronger business and help the planet.
Mitigate brand risk
Mitigate brand risk

Climate and ESG are now critical to key stakeholders - your team, customers, and investors.

Beat your competition
Beat your competition

Leverage net zero in marketing.

Completed carbon reduction plan
Increase compliance

Comply with new green bid requirements and assessments like b-corp.

Full carbon footprint
Build a green business

Start helping rather than harming the planet.

Customers will pay more when you are carbon neutral.

Customers will pay more when you are net zero.

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Consumers care about the climate and want to buy green.
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They are prepared to pay 30% more for net zero products.


of customers are very concerned about their personal carbon footprints.1


are willing to change purchasing habits to reduce environmental impact.2

1 Source Deloitte Resources 2019 Study Energy management
2 Source IBM, Meet the 2020 consumers driving change

Enterprises award contracts to green businesses and pay more.

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Comply with new requirements for suppliers to disclose their carbon footprint and carbon reduction plan.
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Help procurement teams select your business.


of multinationals select their suppliers based upon carbon performance.1


of multinationals will pay more to purchase a product with lower emissions.1

1 Source Cutting Carbon in the Value Chain (Dynamic Markets, September 2011)
Enterprises will pay more when you are carbon neutral.
Your team wants to be carbon neutral.

Sustainability hits the tipping point.

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Comply fully with b-corp carbon emissions requirements.
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Sustainable business practices directly impact your ability to hire and retain top talent.
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Climate is ‘bar none’ the No. 1 concern for young people.


of your staff believe: “Sustainability is no longer a nice to have for companies, it’s a need to have”1


of your staff will look for a new job if you do not engage in sustainable business practices.1

1 Source HP Workforce Sustainability Survey Global Insights Report, 2019

Investors require strong ESG credentials.

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Raise capital from investors like Goldman Sachs and Techstars who now consider ESG as part of their assessment.
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Attract investment more effectively, including higher-quality, more patient capital.



of institutional investors now assess environmental impact when making investment decisions.1

In Germany, the top


venture capital funds now incorporate carbon neutrality in their termsheets.2

1 Source EY, Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services study, 2018
2 Source Leaders for climate action, Project A Ventures, Earlybird, Northzone, GFC et al, Jan 2020
Investors require you to be carbon neutral.
Have your actions reflect your values.

Have your actions reflect your values.

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Start preparing to report to SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative) and other carbon disclosure programmes.
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Tell your kids you’re actually making a difference.
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Fund offset projects that make a difference.

We only have



in our carbon budget remaining to be certain of a 1.5°C warmer world.1

That’s less than



for us to reduce our impact to absolute 0.1

1 Source IPCC, AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis

Caring about climate as a company is no longer optional.

The evidence is overwhelmingly in support of environmentally responsible companies winning talent, new business and the future.

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