Carbon footprint your construction projects, compliantly.

Understand emissions in your supply chain, report effortlessly to win business and reduce costs from overheads and carbon removals.
Carbon footprint everything in real time

Hit your Net-Zero targets.

Major construction projects are setting aggressive carbon reduction targets. Supply chains must comply with these requirements to keep and win business. Clients and project stakeholders demand it.
Build your carbon neutral business.
Quickly build an achievable net zero commitment.
Carbon calculations are complicated.

You have long, complex supply chains with Joint Ventures, thousands of suppliers and significant emissions from plant, materials, and transport.

Carbon footprinting process is opaque
Carbon footprinting is easy to get wrong, and opaque.

Data is siloed and held by many stakeholders internally and externally.

Converting your data into meaningful carbon footprint results is fraught with challenges and opaque methodologies.

Current methods are expensive
Current methods are very expensive.

Achieving Net-Zero standards is hard without spending huge amounts on offsets, or engaging suppliers to reduce their carbon impact on your footprint.

Either you invest large amounts in consultants or your ESG team has a lot of work to do.

Your customers demand action now.

Consequence makes it possible to manage data across systems, teams, and suppliers.

We help you calculate, track, and reduce emissions while complying with customer and government reporting requirements using the resources you have on-hand.

The accuracy and visibility Consequence provides in your footprint facilitates cost savings across your construction projects and carbon removals.
Manage your emissions data anytime
Greenhouse Gas ProtocolHigh Speed 2United Nations Climate Change

Consequence helps the construction industry.

Consequence works with High Speed 2, the world’s largest construction supply chain, to help create standards-compliant carbon footprints, design for lower embodied and operational carbon and save money.
Get started cost effectively. Carbon footprint everything.
Get started cost effectively.

Complete a rapid materiality assessment to identify emissions hotspots.

Once you’re ready, add more data and automatically complete detailed calculations.

Illustration of comparing different product's emissions
More options. Better choices.

Comprehensive database to support all the types of products and lifecycle stages relevant to you.

Avoid carbon-intensive materials in your project using our Design comparison tool.

Share with confidence.

Understand the carbon contributors in your supply chain. Share your impact with stakeholders proactively to drive sustainable project results.

Trust, verify, and share carbon data in your supply chain and with your Client.

Share your emissions data with your suppliers, stakeholders and clients.

Track everything. Securely.

Consequence helps you comply with the requirements of project clients like HS2.
Organise your data with segments
Organise your data the way you want it
Group your data.

Analyse carbon footprints the way that makes sense to you. Use Segments to calculate against your products, teams, territories, projects and JVs.

Works great with teams
Works great with teams.

Assign team members to Segments to drive ownership & accountability.

Access control
Access control.

Protect your data by managing user access via Segments. Engage with suppliers in a controlled way by creating segments dedicated to them.

Understand your supply chain.

Trust, verify, and share carbon data in your supply chain and with your Client.
Understand your supply chain
Request data from anyone
Data request made easy.

Request data from suppliers or even add suppliers to your platform in a controlled way.

Hit your Net-Zero goals
Hit targets.

Proactively share carbon impact data with stakeholders to help drive emissions reductions for the entire project.

Transparent database of emissions factors

See the impacts of all products and services used and understand if suppliers have mitigated with carbon offsets or removals.

Supported by a full carbon management system.

A platform that scales with you, built for collaboration & transparency for effective carbon management.
Full corporate and product carbon footprints

Powered by the Carbon Explorer, calculate the carbon footprint across your scope 1, 2 and 3 activities.

Full corporate and product carbon footprints
Track your carbon footprint in real-time

Combine all historical and current data to track across months, quarters and years.

Manage your carbon footprint in real-time
Set science-based targets

Set near and long-term Net-Zero targets to superdrive your reduction efforts.

Set science-based targets for your organisation
Offset to become carbon neutral

Utilise our portfolio of high quality offset projects from the world’s best project developers.

Automatically offset your carbon footprint
Report to TCFD, CDP, SECR and more

All the data points you need to report to the major global reporting frameworks.

Create carbon data reports ready to be submitted

Stop working in a silo.

Organise data to reflect your business structure and manage it centrally while giving ownership of data collection and reduction targets to key people across your business.
Single source of truth
Single source of truth

Combine all carbon footprint data in one place, eliminating fragile spreadsheets.

Run with hundreds of users
Run with hundreds of users

Collaborate with and engage all internal and external stakeholders.

Detailed access control and permissions
Detailed access control and permissions

Protect your data and simplify workflows by giving your team access to the data relevant to them.

Audit ready - designed by accountants
Audit ready - designed by accountants

Fully transparent audit trail of changes and calculations completed for your assurance needs.

Transparent database of emissions factors
Transparent database of emissions factors

Our database includes the major sources of emissions factors like US EPA, UK Defra and many more.

API integrations for data input and final reporting
API integrations for data input and final reporting

Connect to your accounting, ERP and CRM systems & complete standardised report-ready outputs.

Get started now.

Used by businesses to accelerate workflows 10X across data collection, preparation and calculation.