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Livestock waste management program

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Waste handling and disposal

Sustainable Development Co-Benefits

Health & safety
Job creation
Energy transfer

Project description

This livestock waste management program captures emissions from piggeries manure in Thailand by capturing the emissions and using them for power generation.

Without this project, the farms would have employed normal scraping and hose-down cleaning of the animal waste with a series of anaerobic lagoons within the farms premises. This waste material would have been left to decay in the individual facility’s anaerobic lagoon system, producing significant amounts of methane directly to the atmosphere. These livestock waste management practices generally contribute to significant air (odour) and water pollution in the areas close to the farms. The project applies anaerobic digesters to capture the biogas which has been utilised to generate electricity for the farms’ internal consumption.

The effluent from the digesters is discharged to a series of post-treatment lagoons for further use as irrigation water and recycles within the farm with no further discharge off-farm.

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