Comply with new supplier requirements.

Report your carbon footprint & carbon reduction plan.
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Comply with new supplier requirements.
Full carbon footprint
Full carbon footprint.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 to SECR and Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards.

Template for all bids
Template for all bids.

A pre-filled report to insert into all bids.

Completed carbon reduction plan
Completed carbon reduction plan.

Show your Net Zero commitment.

Continuous monitoring and digital audit
Continuous monitoring and digital audit.

Build trust by not self-reporting.


The Government needs you to help achieve Net Zero.

The UK has signed up to a Net Zero by 2050 target and the government must push these goals down to all suppliers to have a chance.

You will be required to disclose an accurate carbon footprint and submit a carbon reduction plan.
Easier, faster and more affordable.
Easier, faster and more affordable.

A fast, step-by-step process that requires no prior knowledge.

Quickly build an achievable net zero commitment.
Quickly build an achievable net zero commitment.

Identify your activities and suppliers that will help you reduce CO2 emissions.

Verify your carbon footprint.
Verify your carbon footprint.

Avoid self-reporting with a verified carbon footprint & offsets.

Robust & defensible offsets.
Robust & defensible offsets.

Sometimes trees aren't the best. Use United Nations certified projects as the foundation to your offsetting strategy.


Becoming carbon neutral used to be hard.

You just want to do the right thing and focus on building your business. Getcredible, accurate calculation, and offsetting for your business in 3 steps.
Connect your business bank account.


Get the carbon footprint of everything in your business in real-time.

Authenticate your bank account and Consequence calculates the carbon emissions of every activity, small and large.


Select an affordable and impactful offset portfolio verified by the United Nations and The Gold Standard.

Our climate experts manage your plan’s verified carbon offset projects on your behalf, monitoring efficacy and community benefits.

Select and offset with impact.
Track your emissions and amplify your offset impact.


A certified carbon neutral business helps the planet and outcompetes for talent, customers and investors.

Take advantage of your improved team culture and marketing ROI.


Be compliant and avoid losing business.

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Find out your carbon footprint, no credit card required.

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